The JacksonBootScooters Dance Club was originally formed nearly 20 years ago by Bruce and Sharon Hunt. The original presidents were David and Cheryl Navarre. They held the office for approximately 6 years before handing the reigns over to Jerry and Kathy Baldwin, who served as presidents for over 10 years before passing the baton to Greg and Linda Lefebvre, who served for a total of 5 years. Currently, the presidency is shared by the following two couples. Bill and Kay Martin, and John and Kathi Springer. 

The club's original venue was in the Boos Center, at Loomis Park, in Jackson. Since then, they've moved only once and are now dancing at the Masonic Temple in Michigan Center. If you click on the Map-Locations tab it will give you our location and directions.The club is rich with history and tradition and has always provided a fun, happy and safe environment in which members and non-members alike can enjoy all forms of dancing.

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